Since ancient times, humans have used aromas to achieve healing, mental and emotional balance as well as a positive mood. The human sense of smell is an important influence in determining whether we experience our environment positively or negatively.
For this reason, fit & wellness concept gmbh now includes aromas among its products.

In our Online Shop, you will find a vast selection of sauna scents, steam bath aromas, steam bath emulsions, whirlpool aromas, herbs and herbal cushions, sauna massage peelings, and aqua fluids. On request, you can also order various essential oils and sports massage oils from us.

Whirlpool aromas - An invigorating aroma experience! Whirlpool aromas don't contain any foaming agents and completely dissolve in the bath water.

Herbs and herbal cushions - Herbal cushions are often used in steam grottos and herbal baths. We offer you a vast range of different herbs consisting of pure natural products without additives.

Sauna massage peelings - A perfect addition to use during or after the sweating bath. Peeling promotes blood circulation and skin purification. Apply well, allow to work for a short while, and then rinse thoroughly

Aqua fluids - Aqua fluids are skin-friendly, water soluble products which are ready to use. They can be used as fragrance additives for adventure and mist showers, plunge and recreational pools. They can be used in various forms to perfume water for direct skin contact. Aqua fluids can also be used as a refreshing lotion for the skin before a sauna bath.